The Best Ever? Snowshoe the Bear!

Well conditions were fabulous!  A storm left plenty of fresh snow and blue skies joined us for a most excellent Snowshoe the Bear.  Snowshoes were mandatory and everyone enjoyed the challenge of running with snowshoes.

Congratulations to every single participant who started and finished Snowshoe the Bear.

Great job to Lauren and Ted who crushed the 10k and to Julie and Danny who smoked the 5k.

Also congratulations to the POINT LEADERS in the Conquer Series….

Conquer the Bear – Ted DeVito and Lauren Kleppin

Conquer the Grizzly  (50+) – Kurt Madden and Rosalva Bonilla

Conquer the Cub (short courses) – Danny Walden and Julie Phair

Conquer the Teddy (12 and under) – Alec Burton and Sami Kendall


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