HOLD the Press! 10km men and Overall Winner Change-up

Conquer the Bear- is, and always will be a year long series of incredible adventure events that promote sportsmanship…and opportunity for competition. Sometimes things seem to go outside the box. Read on.

At Snow Shoe the Bear, 21 year old Ross Goulet (originally of Big Bear City, now in Chatsworth) was just off leader, approaching the turn around point of the 10k course…when…the unthinkable happened and Ross takes a wrong turn, against the arrows…and runs miles, in the wrong direction…all the way into town, and does not finish the event.

As a true gentleman- Ross expressed sincere embarrassment and kindly asked for another chance. As stated earlier, Conquer the Bear is all about creating opportunity. There’s not exactly a million bucks resting on this….so, let’s give the kid a chance, in the name of sportsmanship.  Race directors obliged…and we met 24 hours later…nearly identical conditions, a full out race effort under his belt and nobody to race against. To the complete astonishment of this race director, Ross Goulet pulls an impressive winning time.

Conquer the Bear Men’s division will now reflect Ross Goullet as co leader along side the amazing performance of Adam Williams of Big Bear Lake (yes, the questions roll in. could Adam have done a faster time if chased by Ross…to the finish….on and on.) Bottom like- these two are gentleman and sportsman, and the Conquer the Bear is going to be WILD.

Paddlefest 20km taking place on July 8 will resume the Conquer the Bear, and  what is certainly going to be a fierce battle for the $1500 in CASH up for grabs.

Train hard gang.


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