Course Preview/ PreRace Social

Full Course has been set/marked/previewed on Thursday night…Feb 23.
Report: It’s all over the place. The conditions are quite mixed and you will see every condition that exists.

The remaining snow from last weeks 18″ dump….is doing well…in the shade. The course will start out on 500yards of asphault.., it will move into a thin icey surface.

5km course will go into well covered packed powder surface. (Snow Shoes will be rather useful), then to return to toward the finish line, the same icey surface then asphault follows. (SNOW SHOES RECOMMENDED)

10km course will go up through sections of icey surface, packed powder, dirt, mud, then into a break through deep powder where snow shoes will be very useful and faster. (Snow Shoes- recommended)

Friday Night Social: Club Bombay- No Host Bar, 7-10pm. FRS Drink Specials Offered.

(See Schedule for RACE REGISTATION!)


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