Welcome to Conquer the Bear

Look who’s in!!

Think you’re tough?  Up for the Challenge? Quit Saying, Start Doing!  These People are DOING IT!!!

You can get your name on this exclusive list….join Conquer the Bear…www.openairbigbear.com

Conquer the Bear
(10k Snowshoe, Long Course Mtn. Bike, 30k Paddle, 30k Trail Run)

Ted DeVito
Matt Smith
Jesse Haynes
Travis Martinez
Ramon Escobar
Dave Emig

Heather DeVito
Rachael Grist
Lorraine Bennett
Cathleen Caulkins

Team Keever (Kristine and Simon)

Conquer the Cub
(5k Snowshoe, Short Course Mtn. Bike, 5k Paddle, 5k Trail Run)

George Bent
Trevor Wright
Jeremy Wright
Jeff Lendrum
Les Melton
Scott Longnecker
Dave Baumgartner
Bobby Bondurant

Theresa Congdon
Janet Maxwell
Carol Silberberg
Vicky Melton
Jane Baumgartner
Theresa Bondurant


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