Snow or No…it’s a GO (updated 1/29)

Anyone in southern California will know that following the tremendous November and the VERY big December…that the amazing drought of January followed.

Here’s the skinny on Snow Shoe the Bear 2011.

Long range forecast- A couple inches of snow Monday. CROSS YOUR FINGERS, dance or do what ever to bring the snow….then it’s continued blue skies, sun, warm temps, a few passing fluffy white clouds.

The Good News- No Matter What, It’s ON.

There are pre-event festivities at Nottingham’s, Awesome Prizes, music at the venue (this year DJ “Club George”) and there will be hundreds of enthusiatic athletes embarking on the Conquer the Bear and Conquer the Cub year-long multi-sport challenge.

Report from the course- The upper 80% of both the 5km and 10km have good snow coverage. Snow surface has been melt/freeze…meaning some ‘cupped’ conditions, making surface uneven, unpredictable and interesting….There is a very good amount of snow on much of the course, and some of it soft and break through. There is no “right” choice of footwear….be versatile and ready for it all.

The start of the course, traditionally snow surface (moved in my the fine folks of Big Bear Lake Public works) won’t be happening. It will be a dry start, for 500 yards.  At snow edge, participants will don what ever footwear is desired: snow shoes, microspikes, yak trax, skis, your choice.  It will be a race of strategy.  Snowshoes are not required UNLESS we receive snow prior to the event.  If conditions stay as is, it’s WIDE OPEN, choose your weapon.

We have reasonable certainty that the epic conditions of 2010 will not repeat nor will we have the incredible powder conditions of 2009, but the festivities pre/during/post event will ensure ya’ll a raging good time.  Plan on a new adventure, new stories and memories of once again epic conditions.

There’s Skiing, Snowboarding, Cathypalooza, UFC, Superbowl Parties among a few reasons to see you in Big Bear Feb 5.

Remember!  Pets on a leash are welcome!


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